Participation in the 2nd GAIA Meeting in Cambridge

We presented clouds in community networks in the 2nd meeting of the IRTF GAIA WG in Cambridge, October 20-21, 2014. A complete session of three presentations was dedicated to community networks: The Community-Lab testbed, the community network, and community clouds.

Live Cloudy demo instance

We have published a Cloudy demo instance in the public Internet:

With it you can see inside of the Guifi community network, accessible from Internet, on the community cloud.

You can login with guest/guest, but note that we have restricted your action to viewing. You can click on installing services, but it will not […]

Special session on community services in GECON 2015

We presented in GECON 2014 a paper on the participatory analysis in Guifi, in order to raise a discussion on how community clouds need to be designed regarding their economic and social components.

We found GECON as an excellent forum for such interdisciplinary aspects of cloud systems and services. As a consequence, we agreed with […]

Community cloud demo at MASCOTS 2014

We presented in a demo the community clouds that we have deployed in in MASCOTS 2014.

We showed also experimental evaluations and measurements that we did on application performance on community cloud, in order to point to the audience to the opportunity to engage and participate in further measurement studies. MASCOTS was attended by […]

Work on community clouds presented at Workshop on Distributed Cloud Computing in ACM SIGCOMM

The paper “Experiences with Distributed Heterogeneous Clouds over Community Networks” from Mennan Selimi, Felix Freitag, Daniel Marti, Roger Pueyo Centelles, Pau Escrich, Roger Baig was presentaed as poster in the ACM SIGCOMM Workshop on Distributed Cloud Computing DCC 2014, colocated with SIGCOMM 2014.

SIGCOMM showed to be an excellent conference for dissemination of community […]

Clommunity participates in the Workshop on Energy Efficient Systems 2014

Clommunity participated in the Workshop on Energy Efficient Systems (EES 2014) at ICT4S organized by the ECO2Clouds FP7 FIRE project, hold August 27th, 2014 in Stockholm.

Energy-efficient cloud architectures and the energy-efficient cloud-based services are important for future sustainable cloud computing, and features of the clouds in community networks may specifically contribute to energy efficient […]

Cloudy in Guifi Wiki

A page in the Guifi Wiki on Cloudy has been created.

This page descibes for Guifi users how to get, install and run the Cloudy distribution.

Participating in the Fed4FIRE-GENI Reseach Experiment Summit (FGRE 2014)

We participate in the Fed4FIRE-GENI Reseach Experiment Summit (FGRE 2014) to learn in hands-on sessions the testbed facilities available through the Fed4FIRE project.

Clommunity at Tech4Dev 2014

Clommunity participated in the Tech4Dev conference in Lausanne, Switzerland, 4-6 June 2014, proposing community clouds for wireless networks in underserved areas in the session “Low Cost Data Communications for Sustainable and Environment Sound Development” chaired by Ermanno Pietrosemoli from ICTP.

Marco Zennaro from ICTP proposed the use of TV white spaces to take advantage of […]

Cloudy Distro to be presented at SAX 2014

The Cloudy distribution for the community cloud platform developed by the CLOMMUNITY project will be presented to community members in the SAX 2014 anual Guifi meeting the 7th-8th of June in Morella (Castellón). Currently a set of Cloudy instances for stable services are being deployed in different locations within Guifi.